Our Commitment to Clean Ingredients

Thoughts from our Founder

What does non-toxic actually mean and why is it so important?

Being a candle maker for 2+ years, I have gained a lot of insight into the potentially harmful materials that linger in traditional fragrance oils used in candles and beauty products. 

After doing extensive research, I have learned that unless a company specifically mentions that their products are non-toxic, they might contain phthalates and antimicrobials that are part of the five "hazard groups." Those five groups include carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive, organ and acute toxins, which can contribute to health issues like cancer and birth defects. Scary, right?

I am happy to share that none of those ingredients are used in Sonny Boy Co. candles. As of our relaunch in September 2022, I am committed to using non-toxic, clean ingredients. 

Not only are our fragrance oils phthalate-free but our wicks are made from 100% natural, untreated wood that is sustainably sourced in the US. Compare this to your traditional cotton wick, which may contain a lead core that releases unsafe toxins into the air when burned.

Our coconut soy wax is biodegradable, vegan and naturally made from coconuts, soy and food-grade paraffin that is clean burning and skin safe; clinically tested and approved by dermatologists. Lastly, our glass vessels are made from recycled glass, which makes our candles more eco-friendly.

In a world that can feel unsafe at times, I promise to make Sonny Boy Co. a safe space.



Founder + Candle Maker