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with a design rooted in style and minimalism


clean burningSBco. candles are made of a natural blend of coconut soy wax that is toxin free, phthalate free, gluten free and created from renewable sources. our wicks are eco-friendly; handmade from FSC Certified Wood and provide a clean-burning experience with minimal soot if cared for properly. our vessels can be recycled, reused and repurposed into beautiful drinking glasses with a few simple steps after you are finished burning your candle.

what customers have to say about SONNY BOY CO.

"Truly one of my favorite candles EVER!! Worth every penny. I love the width of the wick, the subtle cracking south, the BEAUTIFUL scent, and the look/shape of the glass! I got the Cashmere Wool scent and can't wait to try more."

nadia v. - jersey city, nj

"Very nice candle. Love the Vanilla Suede scent. The glass is nice and clear!

bobbi o. - buxton, nd

"The Smoked Birch scent is beautiful and complex. It quickly permeates my apartment yet is light and clean and not at all overbearing. The glass container is heavyweight and elegant, and the wooden wick is a unique touch."

nick w. - jersey city, nj

"The White Sandalwood smells amazing! The scent is clean, natural and gives off a really sooth vibe as soon as it starts burning."

Rachel b. - Washington, dc